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Get your Film into a Festival, on TV or promote your feature film.

Submitting a film to a festival, TV producer or any network is sometimes a hit and miss process. A well designed film or series One-Sheet can be the difference between being noticed or tossed in the bin.

If you are a screen writer or film producer you can team up with a skilled and artistic graphic designer that can present your film so that it stands out with a One-Sheet, Poster, Ads and flyers.

Mango Tree Media has helped design film makers One-sheet submissions and posters in varied genres including documentaries,feature films and TV series (see some of our featured clients here)

Whatever your films genre we can help your story stand out, so that people are enticed to read the detailed synopsis inside.

If you want to know more about the design process and how to manage it, check out our tools section for how to create a kick-ass One-sheet

Right pic: Lois Randall and Every Cloud Productions submission for Australian drama series Gods of Wheat St (France)

Gods of Wheat St was accepted and made into a TV series, watch it on Netflix!