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kellieKnight ACOUSTICHi Creatives, my name is Kellie Knight and I am the founder of Mango Tree Media, a boutique graphic and web design service specialising in (but not exclusively too) Arts Industry Graphic and Web Design.

I have been operating my own business here in South Golden Beach since 2006 and I'm excited to work with people who have a creative vision for their own business.

Whether it be a product, a service or an event that you are looking to promote, I pride myself on impeccable customer service and offer unique concept design to all my clients.

I'm also a musician, and run a 5-8 piece band, so I fully understand the demands and investment in having your own business and organising people, especially in the Arts Industry.

I would be sooo excited to hear about your business and help you achieve greater success :-)

Call or email me to set up a meeting or discuss your brilliant ideas!


ps: if you'd like to check out my music projects you can view my music website here